HHS Class of 1962 Reunion

August 20, 2022 3PM Till Dark

Location: 902 East Gump Road, Fort Wayne, IN (Byerley Property)

HHS Event Will Be In Their Own Tent.

Food is furnished, but you are welcome to bring a small dish.
If you do PLEASE use a container you don't care if it is lost or damaged!
If for any reason weather prohibits staying in the tent,
there are provisions to move inside. (Yes, there is room!)


Here's How...

First Read the listed instructions that follow, THEN Open the link at the bottom of this page.
It is the most up to date contact info available.

WARNING! PLEASE DO NOT publish any of these links on Facebook as that would expose the addresses, email and phone# to the WORLD!

1. If you have a valid email address for the ones that are missing, or a mailing address that you are sure is correct if it is different, please send the correction to one of the four people listed below.
2. If there is NO email, and you are OK with calling people by PHONE, please do so and tell them to RSVP as requested below.
3. Please copy and or forward the email that you received to at least 5 (your choice) of the people on the list.
We know this will result in many people receiving multiple notices, but that is OK since it assures that as many as possible get the notification.
4. RSVP (Whether you ARE coming or you ARE NOT coming) to rsvp@byerley.net

 RSVP by July15, 2022.

You may also RSVP or Send any contact corrections to any of the 4 persons listed below:


1. M Byerley                    260 704 7120    mike@byerley.net
2. D Holmes                      260 437 8358    dan@byerley.net
3. HK [Lorenz] Hudson    765 617 8024    kay@byerley.net
4. MP [Closson] Gray       480 599 5840    pat@byerley.net

Open HHS62 Contact List